Ruff & Rugged

Ableton Production Kit
Ableton Kit
  • Full Production Suite, with Fully Customizable Instruments and Audio Loops
  • Modular Bass, Kick, Snare, Synth and FX Racks
  • Exclusive DEV-81 Plugin and DEV-Keys
  • Lite Version included for Low CPU
  • Includes WAV and Ableton Racks only packs
  • Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 10.1.43 and up
  • Perfect for Non-Ableton Users
  • +1500 Audio Samples and MIDI clips
  • Includes Loops and One Shots
  • 2.4 GB Content Bundle
  • Does not include: Full Production Suite, Modular Instruments/Racks, DEV-Keys, DEV-81
Perfect for non-Ableton users. 2.4 GB content bundle featuring +1500 professionally mixed audio samples and MIDI clips for easy mix-and-match use in your next hit track.
A true highlight of the pack, modeled after popular jungle breaks such as the Funky Drummer, Tighten Up, Amen Brother, and many more, played by Arlo Filazek using the same high-quality setup as the rest of the pack’s samples.
45 Unique Instruments
Discover the limitless potential of the Modular Bass/Synth Racks. Each patch features custom macro controls that effortlessly unlock a world of new sounds, all within Ableton's stock instruments and effects.
1,681 Audio Loops
A collection of stunning piano, guitar, and bass riffs played by Max Filazek, accompanied by Arlo Filazek's dynamic acoustic drum grooves separated by stems. Expertly post-processed for optimal sound, add an authentic touch to your music.
175 MIDI Clips
Our drum, synth, and bass pattern collection is the ultimate resource for crafting new compositions. Quickly combine these patterns with our audio loops to create fresh ideas with ease, and elevate your music seamlessly.
Custom Max4Live plugin accurately emulates the saturation and analog equalization of the Neve 1081 channel strip, enhancing your unique sounds in the pack.
Ableton Production Kit
Tyr Kohout
Ruff & Rugged
About the Kit
About the Kit

This is a powerful tool for music producers and sound enthusiasts, looking to jumpstart their creativity and construct Drum and Bass tracks, quickly and easily.  Developed by music producer and sound engineer Tyr Kohout, this kit is specially designed for Ableton users.  With professional musicians and top-of-the-line equipment used, this pack offers a diverse range of meticulously recorded drum loops, modular drum, bass, synth and FX instruments, as well as the DEV-Keys Instrument (multi-sampled from a world renowned piano) and the DEV-81 Equalizer/Saturation Max4Live Effect, allowing you complete control over your music.  Ruff & Rugged provides a level of creative control, which is perfect for both novice and professional producers and provides all the raw tools necessary.  Experience Tyr Kohout’s sound design brilliance in every detail and make stellar music, with just a few clicks!

Audio Demos
Pads and Keys

A huge collection of drum samples from professional jazz drummer Arlo Filazek, including a wide variety of vintage drum hardware and originally recorded Breaks. Try using in combination with the Modular Kick and Snare Instruments to create new patterns!

Beautiful rendered Piano samples by professional jazz musician Max Filazek, plus Synth patches with unique macro controls that allow you to easily create new sounds. Also features an exclusive Ableton Sampler instrument founded on the Shimmel C189, where all 88 keys were recorded with multiple velocity passes to provide an authentic response and feel.

22 Modular Bass patches that will surprise you how far the stock instruments and effects within Ableton can go! Try pulling the MIDI into any one of these instruments, and mix/match to create new call and response sequences! Also includes Electric Bass samples by professional jazz musician Max Filazek.

Exceptional guitar riffs played by professional jazz musician Max Filazek with post processing racks to sound their best right out the gate – including a wide variety of guitar amplifiers and hand-built guitars! Dreamy sounds to inspire you.

Ruff 1 – Acoustic Kit
Ruff 1 – Breaks
Ruff 1 – Bright Percussion
Ruff 1 – Cymbals
Ruff 1 – Kick Tom Snare
Ruff 1 – Struck Percussion
Ruff 1 – Acoustic Piano
Ruff 1 – DEV Keys C189
Ruff 1 – Synth Pads
Ruff 1 – Electric Bass
Ruff 1 – Synth Bass Loops
Ruff 1 – Synth Bass Stabs
Ruff 1 – Acoustic Guitar
Ruff 1 – Ambient FX
Ruff 1 – Electric Guitar
The Concept
Words from Tyr Kohout

When STRANJAH first approached me to work on an Ableton Kit, I knew it had to be something that lived up to the high standards he set with his previous kits. I wanted to create something truly game-changing and give users a larger canvas to work with, instead of just some digital synth and drum patches. My goal was to craft an experience that could change the way people approach music production.

As I planned for the pack, I became close friends with Max Filazek, a multi-talented jazz musician. Over several months, we worked tirelessly on creating a wide variety of musical ideas, using various recording techniques and instruments. With the addition of professional jazz drummer Arlo, we captured an extensive collection of percussive loops, showcasing vintage drum shells and cymbals. Then I meticulously edited and mixed the samples to provide a professionally finished sound. To round out your production experience with unique digital instruments, I spent several months creating modular bass/synth racks with custom macro controls and developing the custom DEV-81 plugin. The result is Ruff & Rugged, a production kit that delivers an inspiring musical experience for producers of all levels.

Gear Used/Studio
  • Gefell UMT70s and Coles 4038 stereo pair for percussion loops and drum overheads
  • Rode Classic II, Sennheiser MD421 (x3), Peluso 2247, AKG 414ULS and many other excellent microphones used for drum spot mics
  • Vintech 473, Universal Audio 4-710D, and API 3421 MB+ preamps for drum recordings
  • Avalon 737, Universal Audio 1176, and EL8-X signal chain for electric guitar recordings
  • Wide variety of vintage drum hardware, guitar amplifiers and hand-built guitars
  • RME UFX II interface monitored by KH310 speakers for all recordings
Versatile at its core...

The kit is designed to cover a wide range of genres within and beyond Drum & Bass.  Here are some demos.

Ruff 1 – Neurofunk
Ruff 1 – Breakbeat
Ruff 1 – Liquid
Ruff 1 – Bushman
Ruff 1 – Synthwave
Ruff 1 – Soulful
Ruff 1 – Acoustic
Unlock Your Creativity
SINCE 2012
About Tyr Kohout

Toronto-based Tyr Kohout is a sought-after music producer, sound engineer, and DJ whose music has been released on labels such as Deviant Audio, Hospital Records, and Audio Addict. He has been featured on channels like Drum&BassArena, Skankandbass, and STUDIO, and interviewed by DnB Portal and Love That Bass. His sound design has been featured in Phase Plant preset libraries, and he has been dubbed a “scientist of sound” by his peers.

In addition to his production and engineering work, Tyr has extensive experience recording live instruments and vocals, and has consulted on many recording studio setups. He serves as the vocal engineer and co-writer for flowanastasia’s music projects and has opened for major acts such as KOVEN, Rusko, and Calyx & TeeBee. Over the past 10 years, his style has encompassed dark and minimal, neurofunk, atmospheric liquid, and experimental halftime, and he regularly performs solo or with flowanastasia at clubs and festivals across Canada. His work has been covered by, Rendah Mag, and Spotify Drum & Bass Radio.