The Ableton Template
  • 190 Serum Presets
  • Fully Customizable Macro Controls
  • 1,064 WAV Samples (1.5 GB)
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28 Unique Instruments
Drums, bass, and atmospheric layers give you a full arsenal of musical weapons to make killer tracks.
427 Patterns
Drum, Bass, and Ambient MIDI and Audio Patterns. A huge variety of preset patterns to speed up your creative process.
Create 100%
Unique sounds with a simple interface. No technical knowledge or programming skills required.
Easy controls
Infinite combinations. This powerful tool lets you imagine killer new sounds and bring them to life in seconds.
Professional studio sound
Can be given with a drum and master bus to make your tracks loud, pumping, and powerful.
Step-by-Step Guide
2 Hours of Content
Free Bonus
Video guide
Watch video
Video guide
Get the free video guide along with the ROLLERS Kit to learn all about this unique toolset and get helpful tips to improve your songwriting and producing.
Massive, Edgy, Gritty...

Get a massive, modern sound that can make your subwoofers shake.

You control the sound completely, so whether you want a hard punch, a low rumble, or a gritty growl, you can have it all.

Nothing feels worse than having weak drums ruin your song.

The ROLLERS Kit gives you a big studio sound that adds volume, depth, and power to your tracks.

Cmin 172 Higher Being
Cmin 172 Piano Arps Up 1
Break 01
Break 02
Break 03
Break 04
Break 05
The beginning
music career
Become a Pro Sound Designer
The beginning
Without waiting 20 years or spending thousands of dollars on training. Becoming a pro-level sound designer isn’t easy. STRANJAH has been working in sound design for over 20 years. As a major-label producer, he’s gained critical acclaim and a massive fanbase. Now, he’s sharing his best work with you.
Music career
After getting his first record signed to a label at 19 years old, he’s continued to innovate the music industry, creating new sounds for all musicians to use.
Professional Studio Sounds
8 Simple Controls

We’ve taken the programming out of sound design so you can quickly tweak sounds with incredible precision. Get the perfect kick, the best snare, and the most unique bass for your latest track… Or recreate your favorites and legendary classics.

With the ROLLERS Kit, you can design unique, powerful sounds in just seconds. All the technical details are taken care of with a few simple controls.

Turn the knobs to discover new sounds. Create your own universe. Take your music to the next level.

Genre-Bending Magic
ROLLERS lets you work in all kinds of genres without needing all kinds of tools. This one kit lets you make...
Drum & Bass
Cmin 172 Higher Being
Cmin 172 Piano Arps Up 1
Cmin 172 Higher Being
UK Bass
Cmin 172 Piano Arps Up 1
Make powerful tracks that stand up to any major label release, whether you’re just starting out, or you've been making music for decades. These sounds will bring your music to life and open a whole new world of genres.
The possibilities are truly infinite
MIDI Patterns to Get You Started
Kill Writer’s Block Instantly

Quickly select MIDI patterns for grooves and beats that get your creative juices flowing.

You can modify each pattern to make your own unique songs, or simply use the presets as a basis for something bigger.

These presets are perfect for eliminating writer’s block and sparking new ideas.

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