Ableton Production Kit

Create modern Drum & Bass music effortlessly with STRANJAH‘s full production kit. Designed to simplify the process, this kit allows for easy sound creation with just a few clicks, so you can focus on your creativity without getting bogged down in technical details.

  • Compatible with Ableton Live 10 Suite and up
  • Includes 31 Ableton Racks
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28 Unique Instruments
Drums, bass, and atmospheric layers give you a full arsenal of musical weapons to make killer tracks.
427 Patterns
Drum, Bass, and Ambient MIDI and Audio Patterns. A huge variety of preset patterns to speed up your creative process.
Create 100%
Unique sounds with a simple interface. No technical knowledge or programming skills required.
Easy controls
Infinite combinations. This powerful tool lets you imagine killer new sounds and bring them to life in seconds.
Professional studio sound
Can be given with a drum and master bus to make your tracks loud, pumping, and powerful.
Step-by-Step Guide
2 Hours of Content
Free Bonus
Video guide
Watch video
Video guide

The ROLLERS Kit includes a free video guide to help you unlock the full potential of this unique toolset. Learn helpful tips to improve your songwriting and producing skills, allowing you to make the most out of this powerful kit.

Massive, Edgy, Gritty...

Experience the power of 10 distinct modular bass instruments, featuring a range of sounds from Foghorns to Wubs, Wobbles and Reeses – all designed to give your music a massive, modern sound that will make your subwoofers shake with excitement.

With the added convenience of macro controls, you can easily customize and fine-tune the sound to create infinite variations and achieve your desired sonic effect.

Say goodbye to weak drums and welcome a big studio sound with the ROLLERS Kit. Its modular kick and snare instruments provide infinite variety and allow for intricate tuning to meet specific sonic requirements, resulting in powerful and distinctive tracks.

Rollers – Foghorn
Rollers – Reese
Rollers – Sine Wobble
Rollers – Square 5th
Rollers – Wobble
Rollers – Wubs
Break 01
Break 02
Break 03
Break 04
Break 06
Break 07
The beginning
music career
The beginning

For over 20 years, STRANJAH has been a major-label producer and sound designer, gaining critical acclaim and a massive fanbase. He has collaborated with major labels such as Metalheadz, Hospital, and Critical Music. Now, he is sharing his best work with you.

Music career

His expertise in crafting industry-grade sounds for electronic music is showcased in his latest tool, the ROLLERS Kit, which he has designed to share his knowledge with aspiring musicians. Having started at the age of 19 and continuing to innovate the music industry, STRANJAH has made a name for himself and now offers his expertise to you.

Professional Studio Sounds
8 Simple Controls

We’ve taken the programming out of sound design so you can quickly tweak sounds with incredible precision. Get the perfect kick, the best snare, and the most unique bass for your latest track… Or recreate your favorites and legendary classics.

With the ROLLERS Kit, you can design unique, powerful sounds in just seconds. All the technical details are taken care of with a few simple controls.

Turn the knobs to discover new sounds. Create your own universe. Take your music to the next level.

Genre-Bending Magic

ROLLERS lets you work in all kinds of genres without needing all kinds of tools. This one kit lets you make…

808 Roller
Rollers Demo 01
Rollers Demo 02
Amen Smasher
Rollers Demo 05
Minimal Roller
Rollers Demo 08
Rollers Demo 09

Make powerful tracks that stand up to any major label release, whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been making music for decades. These sounds will bring your music to life and open a whole new world of genres.

The possibilities are truly infinite
MIDI Patterns to Get You Started
Kill Writer’s Block Instantly

Quickly select MIDI patterns for grooves and beats that get your creative juices flowing.

You can modify each pattern to make your own unique songs, or simply use the presets as a basis for something bigger.

These presets are perfect for eliminating writer’s block and sparking new ideas.

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