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Are you a fan of Liquid Drum & Bass music?

Do you want to start creating Liquid D&B right away without having to fuss with technical details or spend time finding that perfect bassline or chord melody?

Then you may want to look into my Liquid Drum & Bass Product Kit where I provide you all the tools to create Liquid D&B right away.  You will have access to 5 Modular Bass Presets designed for Liquid with Macro Controls that allow you infinite variations to customize into your own sound. You will also have 42 different MIDI bass patterns which you could use or alter to your liking.

If that’s not enough, you will also have access to 6 Modular Musical Presets (Pads, Piano, Leads) and 118 accompanying Musical Patterns including Chord Progressions, Piano and Lead Melodies.

I have been producing Drum & Bass music for nearly 25 years and have music out on respected labels such as Hospital Records, Technique and Critical Music.  My mission is to provide you knowledge and tools so you can accelerate your success and unlock your creativity in electronic music.

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