Liquid Kit

Ableton Kit
Samples Only

Create Liquid D&B with ease using the Liquid Ableton Production Kit.

  • 11 Modular Instruments (Bass, Synths and FX)
  • 214 patterns to customize and create your own sound
  • Includes Ableton Racks only pack
  • Includes WAV + MIDI Pack
  • Designed by STRANJAH

Experience STRANJAH’s Liquid Kit WAV Pack.  Perfect Non-Ableton users.

  • 279 MB of content
  • 34 Drum Loops (WAV + RX2)
  • 168 Bass Loops
  • 160 MIDI patterns
More details

Looking to create Liquid D&B without the hassle of technicalities and searching for the perfect melody? Look no further than STRANJAH’s Liquid Drum & Bass Product Kit. It includes everything necessary to jump right into Liquid D&B production, including 5 Modular Bass Presets designed specifically for the genre, complete with Macro Controls for infinite variations and 42 MIDI bass patterns that can be modified to suit individual preferences.

The kit also provides 6 Modular Musical Presets, including Pads, Piano, and Leads, as well as 118 accompanying Musical Patterns like Chord Progressions, Piano and Lead Melodies. STRANJAH’s almost 25 years of experience producing Drum & Bass music, with releases on prominent labels such as Hospital Records, Technique, and Critical Music, allows him to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for aspiring producers to succeed and unlock their creativity in electronic music.

Ableton Production Kit
Modular Bass Instruments
Modular Musical Instruments
Drum Layers
Modular Breakbeats
Bass Patterns
Musical Patterns
Breakbeat Patterns
Drum Patterns
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