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MIDI + WAV Pack now available!

Updated with more amen breaks, bass sounds and rave stabs.

You can’t be bothered with the technical details? Want to focus soley on creating?

This Ableton project has been designed so you can maximize on your creativity. 201 MIDI patterns allow you to create new compositions on the fly. Cleverly designed macros allow you to customize a sound just by the turn of a knob.

This is designed to help you create Jungle and Drum & Bass. Whether you are a casual or advanced user, you can benefit from this tool. Great if you need a creative boost for your next banger. If you are a hobbyist you’ll get endless hours of enjoyment jamming to some jungle with a couple clicks of a button.

Acquire this creative tool now to unlock the power of Jungle / Drum & Bass.

Stranjah is an international music producer of over 20 years. His music has been featured on respected labels such as Metalheadz, Hospital Records and Critical Music.

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