This sample pack “ICONS“, is not available for direct purchase. It comes as a complimentary addition, when you make a purchase of over $39.99 CAD.

ICONS” is a curated collection of samples, drawn from seminal Drum & Bass and dance music tracks, of the ’90s and Y2K. It offers an array of breaks, bass, one shots and musical samples, serving as a valuable tool for producers looking to imbue their creations, with a touch of these influential eras. With “ICONS“, you have direct access to sounds that shaped decades of music, ready to inspire your next production.

Product Highlights:

  • Curated by industry veteran STRANJAH
  • Features Breaks, Bass, One Shots and Musical Samples
  • Samples from key ’90s and Y2K tracks
  • Comes in both WAV and RX2 formats
  • Boasts 570 MB of high-quality audio samples
  • Retail value of $36.99!
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What's Inside
Make Tracks Like They Used To
Audio Demos
ICONS – Track Demo
ICONS – Breaks
ICONS – Bass
ICONS – Stabs
ICONS – Vocals
More Details

ICONS” is a carefully assembled sample pack by STRANJAH, a veteran Drum & Bass producer with 25 years of experience, associated with major labels like Metalheadz, Hospital Records, and Critical Music. Well-known for his popular YouTube channel, where he imparts music production wisdom, STRANJAH has consolidated his invaluable insights and unique aesthetic into this sample pack, offering a slice of his expertise, to budding and seasoned producers alike.

The pack features STRANJAH’s favourite samples that have resonated throughout his career, encapsulating the distinct energy of Drum & Bass and dance music. From iconic breaks, to memorable rave stabs, these sounds have shaped timeless tracks and continue to inspire. “ICONS” isn’t just about sounds—it’s a piece of music history, a resource for current projects and fuel for future creative endeavors. Delve into “ICONS” and discover a legacy of sound, curated by STRANJAH.

Total Files
Breaks (WAV/RX2 + MIDI)
One Shot Drums
Bass Hits
Musical Loops
Stabs & Pads
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