Hybrid Breaks Vol. 1

This versatile and dynamic breaks pack by The Hybrid Drummer, combines live acoustic drums with electronic pads and one-shot hits, providing a fresh alternative to traditional break packs and is perfect for all styles of break-oriented dance music.

  • 48 kHz/24-Bit WAV + RX2 format
  • 84 x Original Breaks
  • 38 x Drum Fills
  • 102 x Percussive Loops
  • 113 x One Shot Drum Hits
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What's Inside
Audio Demos
Hybrid Breaks – Demo Mix
Hybrid Breaks – DnB Breaks
Hybrid Breaks – Fills
Hybrid Breaks – Top Loops
Hybrid Breaks – One Shots
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The Hybrid Drummer, also known as Máté Jancsovics, is a skilled musician and artist hailing from Budapest, Hungary. He is known for his distinctive style of playing live drums in combination with electronic music genres, using a hybrid setup of acoustic drums, electronic pads, triggers, and drum modules. He has performed with top Hungarian bands such as Punnany Massif and BSW Live, and is a respected figure in the Hungarian music scene, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the drum kit.

Hybrid Breaks is a groundbreaking pack that features a combination of live acoustic drums and electronic pads and one-shot hits to provide unique and dynamic grooves for your tracks. This versatile pack is perfect for all styles of break-oriented dance music and provides a fresh alternative to the repetitive breaks found in traditional break packs. With DnB tempo and slower Funk Breaks tempo folders, you can choose the perfect foundation for your track, and the toppers and percussive loops add energy and groove to your drum track. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer, Hybrid Breaks provides a wide range of sounds and loops that can be used to create new and exciting beats, with all loops provided in both audio WAV and RX2 format for maximum flexibility in your production workflow.

Audio Format: WAV (48khz/24 bit), RX2, MIDI
Total Files
301 MB
Original Breaks
Drum Fills
Percussive Loops
One Shot Drum Hits
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In Action
2 videos
The Hybrid Drummer In Action
Watch The Hybrid Drummer in action and see his unique style of blending live acoustic drums with electronic pads and triggers, creating an innovative sound that has made him a sought-after musician and influential figure in the Hungarian music scene. This video showcases his skills and provides a glimpse into the inspiration behind the Hybrid Breaks pack.