Vocal Pack

Your chance to add a major-label vocalist to your music.


  • 6 Full Vocal Songs in Different Keys
  • Each Song Recorded in 2 Tempos (House & DnB)
  • Vocal FX, Harmonies and Adlibs
  • BONUS: Piano, Field, Spoken Words
  • Over 2GB Audio Samples
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Pro Studio Vocals.
You’ll recognize flowanastasia's voice from tracks by Mefjus, Nymfo, GLXY, or releases on major Drum & Bass labels including RAM, Viper, Liquicity, and more. With over 4 million Spotify streams in her repertoire, she’s now created her first ever vocal sample pack and it’s exclusive to Deviant Audio!
6 Songs in Different Keys.
Each song was recorded in 2 tempos (D&B and House) so that you can stretch and explore your creativity in any genre. Plus harmonies, adlibs, and vocal FX samples. Recorded and edited by longtime vocal engineer Tyr Kohout to maximize quality.
Bonus Sounds.
To help unlock your inspiration, flowanastasia included spoken words, leveraged her piano training to record piano samples, and gathered extra sounds from adventures in nature.
100% Royalty-Free.
Cleared for commercial use, so feel free to use as you like for your own compositions! (However, you must not use flowanastasia's name in your song title).
Free Sampler

If you’re not ready to buy yet, you can grab the FREE sampler. This is a small subset of the full pack but gives you a good feel for the vocals, and bonus content including some piano riffs, spoken phrases and field recordings. Download the free pack in our shop! You can also scroll down for audio demos or check out flowanastasia’s video guide here:

Packed with content...
Full Vocals
FX and Spoken
Piano and Field

6 full vocal songs, EACH recorded at 2 tempos! So you can stretch to any bass music BPM with maximum quality. Also includes dry stems, harmonies, FX and loopable fragments.

180 vocal FX loops and chopped rhythms to inspire you, created by engineer Tyr Kohout. Plus over 200 spoken words and noises – great for drops, breakdowns, texture or even wavetables!

BONUS: 60 LoFi piano loops and stabs to help you jumpstart ideas, recorded on a vintage baby grand piano. Plus 35 field recordings to add another dimension of sound.

flow vol 1 – The Edge 174
flow vol 1 – Tension 129
flow vol 1 – Orion 174
flow vol 1 – Relief 124
flow vol 1 – Anything 172
flow vol 1 – Weightless 129
flow vol 1 – Vocal FX (1)
flow vol 1 – Vocal FX (2)
flow vol 1 – Vocal FX (3)
flow vol 1 – Spoken Hype
flow vol 1 – Spoken Chill
flow vol 1 – Mouth Noises
flow vol 1 – Piano Stabs
flow vol 1 – Piano Loops (1)
flow vol 1 – Piano Loops (2)
flow vol 1 – Birds, Water
flow vol 1 – Forest, Insects
flow vol 1 – Noise
Words from flowanastasia!

“After years of collaborating with producers worldwide, I wanted to share my voice and vibes with more people. I also wanted to include lyrics that were relatable, and expressed some of my personal journey with mental health, love, addiction recovery, spiritual development, and more. I hope these samples will inspire you to have fun with your music productions!”

“I worked closely with my longtime vocal engineer and producer Tyr Kohout to maximize the pack’s quality, ease of use, and value to you. Tyr went the extra mile and created a ton of unique vocal FX samples and chopped vocal rhythms that might inspire you. Hearing vocals pitched or chopped in creative ways is secretly one of my favourite things about bass music!”

High End Gear

The vocals were recorded in a fully treated studio space using the following gear:

  • Neumann TLM 102 Microphone
  • Vintech X81 Preamp
  • UA 1176 LN Compressor
  • Rosetta 800, RME Babyface Pro Converters
  • Neumann KH310s Reference Monitors
2 Tempos

Each vocal track is recorded at 2 tempos, so you can stretch to any bass music BPM with maximum quality.

flow vol 1 – House
Liquid DnB
flow vol 1 – Liquid DnB
Future Rave
flow vol 1 – Future Rave
UK Garage
flow vol 1 – UK Garage
Dancefloor DnB
flow vol 1 – Dancefloor DnB
Deep Dubstep
flow vol 1 – Deep Dubstep
flow vol 1 – Ambient
flow vol 1 – Roller

Whether you make DnB, House, Dubstep, or even Future Rave, there is a vocal for you.

Unlock your creativity
Field Recordings
LoFi Piano

“I grew up studying classical piano, and later fell in love with jazz and hip hop. Nowadays, I visit my grandpa to play the white vintage baby grand piano at his place. Hearing me play brings him a lot of joy, especially as he battles with dementia. So I recorded a bunch of piano loops and stabs, and I hope it brings you joy and inspiration too. Also, spending time in nature has played a huge role in improving my mental health. Last year, I purchased an H5 Zoom Recorder so that I could start gathering sounds around me, and have another reason to go outside. Hearing birds and water always brings me comfort, and I hope it adds a unique element to your productions!”

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