flowanastasia.wavs Free Sampler

  • ​1 Full Vocal Song, EACH in 2 Tempos (DnB and House)
  • Comes with harmonies, dry stems AND continuous loops
  • 28 Vocal FX 
  • 25 Spoken Phrases
  • 8 Piano Loops
  • 5 Field Recordings
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Get a taste of “flowanastasia.wavs” with this FREE demo. The full pack includes vocal stems for 6 songs in different keys, harmonies, adlibs, and continuous looped song fragments. Each song is recorded in 2 tempos, making it compatible with any bass music genre. Plus, the package offers vocal FX samples, spoken phrases, and a bonus selection of flowanastasia’s lo-fi piano and field recordings. Collaborating with producers worldwide and releasing on labels such as RAM, Critical, Shogun, and Liquicity, flowanastasia now shares her voice and vibes with you.

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