Acid Lab

Experience the distinctive soundscapes crafted by Acid Lab, a seasoned force in the Drum and Bass scene. Renowned for his innovative sound design and indomitable style, Acid Lab has carved his name into the annals of electronic music history, with influential releases on acclaimed labels such as Metalheadz, Dispatch, CIA Records, and Repertoire.

Acid Lab‘s innovative approach to sound design, results in a pack that combines complex textures, with gritty realism.  The dynamic bass loops, ethereal pads and cutting-edge FX included within the pack, offer a sonic palette that is simultaneously raw and refined.

Key Features:

  • Over 480 top-quality samples in both WAV and RX2 formats
  • An impressive variety of 80 unique breaks & percussive loops
  • 220+ Drum & Bass hits, ready to drive your rhythm section
  • A diverse selection of 85 pads, stabs, and FX, to add depth and intrigue to your productions
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What's Inside
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Audio Demos
Acid Lab – Headz Demo
Acid Lab – Jungle Demo 01
Acid Lab – Jungle Demo 02
Acid Lab – Roller Demo
Acid Lab – Breaks Demo
Acid Lab – Bass Hits
Acid Lab – Bass Loops
Acid Lab – Musical Hits
More Details

Discover a universe of mind-bending sounds, with Acid Lab‘s exclusive sample pack. With a collection brimming with unique breaks, rhythmic percussive loops and a diverse range of drum & bass hits, this pack is a goldmine for producers looking to inject some of Acid Lab’s unique sonic character, into their tracks.

This sample pack encapsulates the essence of Acid Lab’s vast and varied musical journey. Filled to the brim with his signature sounds, it reflects his unique vision of infusing traditional drum and bass energy, with an experimental twist. Here’s your chance to tap into the same creative spirit that has consistently graced the catalogs of revered record labels and resonated with fans across the globe. Step into Acid Lab‘s universe and let your productions echo his legacy!

Audio Format: WAV (44.1khz/24 bit), RX2, MIDI
WAV Files
RX2 Files
MIDI Files
Percussive Loops
Drum Hits
Bass Hits
Bass Loops
Musical Elements (Pads, Stabs, FX)
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