About us
STRANJAH – Live at Torontojungle.com
We are committed to pushing the envelope of electronic music. Our tools and resources allow producers new and old to further their sound. We are invested in artists who are defining the sound of tomorrow.
Future of music
Our story
The beginning

In 2016, STRANJAH conceived the idea of Deviant Audio as an outlet for bass-oriented electronic music.  At the time, his sound had deviated from what was accepted by the overall community and thus a new outlet was necessary to create without compromising on vision.  Since then he has hosted releases by breaking new artists such as the hugely popular ‘Deviations LP’.

Label creation

More recently, Deviant Audio has pivoted its focus to mirror STRANJAH’s personal brand to facilitate the evolution of electronic music.  By providing the tools and sounds of tomorrow, we hope that we can assist an artist in materialization their vision.

We are also looking for the next big talent whether you are a sound designer or music producer.  Feel free to hit us up and let us know what you’re about.

What we cover

We explore the realms of bass-oriented music with foundations in early rave, house, techno, jungle, drum & bass and hip-hop.  You can check out some of our music releases here.